picture Perkins Drilling Tools provides replacement parts for industry leading equipment manufacturers

Elevator PartsPerkins Drilling Tools Elevator Tools

Replacement pins, springs, cam rollers and wear bushings

Hook PartsPerkins Drilling Tools Hook Parts

Shank, bail, postioner collar and locking arm pins, lock rings and lock rods, seals, snubber parts, bearings and springs

Tong PartsPerkins Drilling Tools

Replacement jaws, pins, safety handles, and dies

Bearings and Seals
Perkins Drilling Tools - Bearings and Seals

For hooks, blocks, spinning wrenches, BX elevators, and crowns

BX Elevator PartsPerkins Drilling Tools - BX Elevator Tools

Manifolds, operating mechanism, cylinders, and upgrade kits, hoses, tubing, bushings, springs, pins

Dies and InsertsPerkins Drilling Tools Dies and Inserts

Stock a complete line of dies for casing, drill collar, drill pipe slips, and tongs


Drill Collar Slip Handles
Perkins Drilling Tools - Drill Collar Slip Handles

Replacement handles for casing, drill collar and drill pipe slips


Perkins Drilling Tools - Sheaves

Crown and Blocks in various sizes

Perkins Drilling Tools - Springs

Replacement springs for hooks, elevators, slips and tongs